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  1. Some of my favourite reaction quotes to the TB finale


    "R.I.P. Vampire Bill… You were a man, then a vampire, then a vampire god, then a fairy vampire god, then a regular vampire, then a hep-v infected vampire, and now a puddle of goo. We’ll miss you, signed noone."

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  2. dungeonmistressyvetta:


    Eric Northman in the last episode of True Blood.

    My fav scene out of the mess.

  3. canadianbeaversloveaskars:

….synchronized annoyance killing.  


    ….synchronized annoyance killing.  

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  4. skarsjoy:

    His teeth…his eyes…

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  6. #Fangreaders Choice Today in the chatroom



    Please join us today in the Fangreaders Chatroom to catch up with each other and discuss fanfics, True Blood, or anything else that is on your mind.

    Chat starts at 9pm BST (British Summer Time)

    4pm EST (Eastern Standard Time USA)

    Hosted by Fairyblood

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  7. mrszoomby:

R.I.P Nora Gainesborough


    R.I.P Nora Gainesborough

  8. Tara protecting Jessica

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  9. Anonymous asked: Eric and Pam find Charlaine Harris and punish her for ruining the ending of Dead Ever After.


    This post may contain spoilers for Dead Ever After. There is no author punishing, but it does contain some SVM characters having a bit of a moan and a rant about DEA.

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  10. kittrose:

    What should’ve been (or: The true ending). Details. 

    Done for Eric and Sookie Lovers

    (SVM spoilers + rant below) 

    When ESL requested me a digital painting of Sookie and Eric walking away to the sunset, as part of a goodbye post on their site in honor of the release of the final book of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels, none of us had the slightest idea that Charlaine Harris was going to piss everybody off by giving a death sentence to the strongest, deeper, longer, most complex and compelling relationship she ever wrote in the series, and have Sookie settle for the shifter guy next door with not more than a shrug, while Eric is sold like an old carpet on the behest of his rapist Maker and goes to Oklahoma as the toy husband, sex slave and political pawn of Queen Freyda for the next two centuries and will never Sookie again. The worst part of it all? How little Sookie seemed to care. Fun fact: this was presented as a happy ending.

    When the spoilers came out, I was still working on the details, and for a moment I wondered what would be the point in finishing it. It was meant to be a thankful, joyful way to say goodbye to our favourite couple, it ended being some bitter evidence of… what? How delusional the readers were? But then I thought - fuck it all, we’ll have it our own way. I’m personally convinced that fictional characters, at some point, stop belonging to their creators only, and start living in a fantasy world made by the fans and their endless imagination. Let’s get rid of the strings - as the puppet master clearly stopped caring or making good narrative choices looong before DEA was written - and unleash the characters in our world. 

    This is our happy ending. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s canon.

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  11. ericandsookielovers:

What should’ve been… Check out our commissioned artwork created by Kittrose and read our review of “DEAD EVER AFTER” here: DEA to DUD in five seconds flat


    What should’ve been…
    Check out our commissioned artwork created by Kittrose and read our review of “DEAD EVER AFTER” here: DEA to DUD in five seconds flat

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….me thinks this is gonna get messy.


    ….me thinks this is gonna get messy.

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  13. jaz-zzy:


    40 days!

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  14. True Blood Appreciation Post Eric Northman’s 1905 Flashback

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  15. I’d do anything for you.

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